Truth Awards


The Aletheia Fellowship of the Arts Truth Awards winners for 2017 were all great films. We encourage all involved to keep making films that both honor God and change lives.! Thank you for your participation. Winners, please email Brian at with an address for us to send the award trophy to. Please keep in mind that we are an all volunteer staff and we have to give everyone time to submit their addresses before we can complete the order so trophies may take 6-12 weeks to send.  Also, the first trophy for each category is donated by Daryl Hall but each additional trophy per category (up to 3 trophies total for any category) may be purchased for $75. The trophies should only go to the individual(s) who is (are) named as winners. Please send checks to MissionWorx Films and mail to MissionWorx Films 2424 Staplehurst Lane Knoxville TN 37932.

Award Categories                                                    Pastor’s Council Comments

Best Film


S. David Acuff, Jeremiah McLamb, Ken Stewart

Best Drama

Saving Faith

Chip Rossetti, Matthew Ulm, Donna Botts

Best Inspirational Film

Andy’s Rainbow

Daniel Cleghorn, Adam Dufour

Best Comedy

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone,

Michael Luisi, Fred Adams, James MacDonald

Best Documentary

How do you like me now?

David Kyle Foster and Karl Sutton

Pastor’s Choice

The Lion

Adra Cooper, Shirley McDowell, Arien Wesner

Best Director

Dallas Jenkins

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Best First Time Director

Adam Dufour

Andy’s Rainbow

Best Actor

Brett Dalton

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Best Actress

Victoria Anastasi


Best Supporting Actor

John Quick


Best Supporting Actress

Stephanie Linus

Boonville Redemption

Best Breakout Performance

Shelby Taylor Mullins

Andy’s Rainbow

Best Ensemble Cast

The Lion

Adra Cooper, Shirley McDowell, Arien Wesner

Best Cinematography

Virgil L. Harper

Boonville Redemption

Best Art Direction/ Production Design

Nathalie Neurath

Boonville Redemption

Best Editing

S. David Acuff, Jeremiah McLamb


Best Sound Editing

Rob Disner


Best Hair and Makeup

Kristen Wesner

Andy’s Rainbow

Best Costume Design

Martha Gretsch

Boonville Redemption

Best Original Screenplay

S. David Acuff, Jeremiah McLamb, Ken Stewart


Best Original Story

Chip Rossetti, Henry Cho, Adam Lewis

Saving Faith

Best Original Music Score

David Siebels

Boonville Redemption

Best Original Song

“Who I Am Now”

Written and Performed by Xandria Cross

The Lion

Notable Mentions

Notable Mention 1

Among the films we reviewed this year was a film called Spent.The film featured Nick Nerangis whose performance was natural and fun to watch.

Notable Mention 2

Spent also featured unique photography that shows a great eye. These are talents to watch.

Notable Mention 3

Among the films we reviewed this year was a film called Divine Will. One of the most wonderful aspects was the performance by Kathryn Boswell. She is a natural and an actress to look for in the future.

Notable Mention 4

Divine Will also provided the audience with a some groovy music from talented artist Lee Roessler with the song “Where I Need to Be” and Brent Reed’s song “Grace Amazing”. Check them out.

Notable Mention 5

Holey Matrimony is a funny and quirky new story. What makes this social? A funny cast and unique story. Check this film out.


2017 Aletheia Fellowship of the Arts Feature Film Awards



2017 AFA Truth


“Restoration provides all the needed elements for a Best Film winner starting with a story that holds the interest, characters that work and a message of inspiration that makes you want to cheer.”

“Saving Faith had great cameos that they really didn’t need as the main cast was wonderful to watch. Donny Richmond and Jenn Gotzon did a great job leading the cast and then a bonus of some great music. A fun movie to watch.”

“Like a song you can’t get out your head and you just must sing over and over again all day, Andy’s Rainbow is one film you will be thinking about for days following watching it. It is a film to talk about. ”

“The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is a pure joy. It is both funny and inspirational. The quality of film making is something to serve as an example for other Christian films and the story proves that sharing Christ can be entertaining and even funny.”

“Once again David Kyle Foster takes on the tough issues with love and Biblical integrity. This film is a MUST SEE film for all Christians. There should be an award for courage for film makers like these who will speak truth in love.”

“The Lion demonstrates some of the best writing in Christian film making. So many Christian films follow the same pattern of stories. This film has a unique story with a powerful message that teaches Biblical truths about God’s promises and plan for those who chose to follow Him.”

“Dallas Jenkins proves his gifts when directing The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. This film comes together without any cringe moments and has the feel of a true professional ‘A ‘film, a success that belongs at the feet of the director.”

“For a first feature film Andy’s Rainbow is a total success. Adam DuFour has only one short film to his credits prior to this film but it clear he is force behind the camera to be watched.”

“In The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Brett Dalton shows he is the real thing as an actor. He is able to play a convincing role that includes mixing subtle comedy with meaningful dramatic moments, he even is awesome when he does Shakespeare in a scene within a scene. Dalton makes this film work.  ”

“What a convincing performance. We had never heard of her, but we have now and are not likely to forget her.”

“John Quick makes his role his own in Restoration. He is believable and even moving as the force God uses to move the characters in this film.”

“Boonville Redemption has a fantastic cast and for anyone to standout is quite impressive yet Stephanie Linus manages to do just that. Though her role is small, she is both convincing and real during key moments of the story.”

“Shelby Taylor Mullins gave a performance that would make one think she has massive experience instead of being new to a lead role. She carried Andy’s Rainbow with impressive talent. Can’t wait to see see what she does next.”

“The Lion has a wonderfully crafted story that allows the audience to follow and be introduced to many intriguing characters portrayed by a cast of gifted actors who make each and every character real and alive. A great story that could have failed with a lesser cast but instead made us care about the story and the characters we were watching.

“Boonville Redemption was a beautifully filmed story with cinematography that not only sustained the story but became a real part of the story telling.”

“Boonville Redemption demonstrated great beauty in all aspects especially the sets and designs. period pieces are always difficult but this film makes you feel you are back in time.”

“A seamless success of making a story flow.”

“Poor audio can ruin a film, great audio can draw an audience into the film. Restoration pulls us into t he film.”

“Makeup in this film seems so subtle you may not notice until you see the contrast between a bruised lead actress and plain looking lead actor and their sudden transformation into two young people dancing in a dream. Wow, what a change, well done.”

“The costumes take us back to the time period of this wonderful story. Costumes must fit the period but also fit the personality or circumstances of the character, and in Boonville Redemption the costume designer achieve this goal with style.”

“Redemption is a story that holds your attention, teaches, inspires and entertains. A winner everyday of the week.”

“Saving Faith is an enjoyable story with likable characters. By the end of the film you really must cheer for the success of the theater and each character. I think people will leave the theater feeling great.”

“Music can be your strongest story teller, this music tells the story very well”

“Xandria Cross is a true talent to watch. “Who I Am Now?” not only significantly contributes to the story of The Lion but it can stand alone telling a story all it’s own.”